Learn how to create a calm, happy home with groundbreaking parenting support and education

If things aren’t working at home, it’s time for a new approach to parenting

If you’ve had enough of the stress, meltdowns and overwhelm, sadly you’re not alone. So many parents I talk to these days tell me this isn’t how they imagined their family life.

And it’s no wonder why, when most traditional approaches to parenting try to tap into a part of the brain kids can’t even access.

Yep, you read that right. So if you’re feeling like a failure (like many parents I work with), please stop, take a deep breath and give yourself a break.

Because the good news is, I’ve developed a brand new approach to parenting that’s getting immediate results (scroll down to read what other parents are saying): parenting the nervous system.

What does this mean? Think of an iceberg: you’re only seeing the tiny bit above the water, which is your child’s behaviour. But the real reason for what’s happening – the big part under the water – is your child’s nervous system.

That’s why I’ve created a range of online parenting support courses so you can learn to parent the nervous system for a calmer, happier home. Each of these courses gives you the tools to confidently support your child through the ‘big 4’: anger, anxiety, defiance and meltdowns:

Calm Kids Kickstart

Support your kids through big emotions by learning the exact method that reduces meltdowns by up to 80% in just 4 weeks

Happy Home Program

Get the steps to create a happy home and feel confident by learning to parent the nervous system in this 8-week program

Happy Home Accelerator Program

Radically transform your family life and home environment in 12 weeks with 1-on-1 coaching and your very own family plan for success

Have questions about which program is right for you and your family? The best way to get them answered is with a chat:

What other parents say about working with me

“My daughter is now more empowered, inspired, energetic, confident and enthusiastic about participating in life…


I had lost my confidence when it came to my 13-year-old daughter who didn’t see the point in participating in many things including school and even sitting at the table with us for dinner. Also I felt like I couldn't connect with my 16-year-old daughter who wasn’t coming to me for anything.


The program helped me to bust my own belief systems and rules, release my own judgements and ‘shoulds’, and get more curious. This in turn, has helped me to improve my sense of connection with my daughters.


My 13-year-old has come out of public schooling and into home schooling and I have reduced the pressures and expectations off her. She is now more empowered, inspired, energetic, confident and enthusiastic about participating in life.
I’m also less judgemental as a parent, which supports my daughters to live with more confidence in who they are and the decisions they make.”



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“Replaces the confusion and burnout with understanding and confidence…


When I joined the program, I felt lost, scared, burnt out and like a total failure. My children wouldn’t listen to a thing I said which resulted in lost of blow-ups, disconnection and unhappiness.


I now have an understanding of why each family member behaves the way they do which replaces the confusion and burnout with understanding and confidence.


In my opinion, ALL parents should have access to this course. I wish I had found Jess earlier.



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“We’ve gone from having 2-3 meltdowns a day to 2 in 2 weeks”...


it feels amazing.



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Calm Kids Kickstart

Learn the exact method that reduces meltdowns by up to 80%

Let’s get clear on what your child’s big emotions are and how to respond to them.

No, this isn’t your typical parenting program, I don’t believe in them to be honest with you…

They are too general and from my experience, parents are still left confused and without a practical, in-the-moment strategy to help their child during those meltdown moments.

That’s why over the past 12 months we’ve been working hard to identify the strategies that actually work.

These strategies are based on neuroscience, brain development, children’s nervous systems and their biology.

Best of all, they’re easy to implement. What that means is, if you’re like most parents that come our way, you’ll see calmer and happier children INSTANTLY.

This 4-week experience is for parents who:

What you’ll get:

Ready to give your child the support they need, so they (and you) become more calm? Come join me in our next intake (places are limited):

Introducing: The Happy Home Network

Ever felt like you didn’t know which practitioner was the right one for you and your kids? If you’re like a lot of people I work with, you prefer more natural or holistic options. But then who do you trust?

There are so many choices on which type of professional and then which one to work with: psychologist, psychiatrist, paediatrician, GP, counsellor, hypnotherapist, kinesiologist, reiki healer, naturopath, homeopath, nutritionist… it’s no wonder parents feel overwhelmed and confused.

And then there’s the disappointment when you waste time and money on a practitioner who doesn’t ‘get it’!

That’s why I’m excited to announce the creation of the Happy Home Network: my hand-picked group of expert practitioners. Each member of the team has at least 5 years of experience working with children and parents.

This incredible group of parenting professionals is at your fingertips when you enroll in my Happy Home Program  or Happy Home Accelerator Program.

In each of these programs you’ll have my support (as part of a small group, or 1-on-1 in the Accelerator Program) as well as access to these amazing humans:

Need free help with meltdowns? This is for you

Learn how to calm and support your child with my free training: 3 tools to get your child to listen when they’re upset, frustrated or angry: