Kind words from parents


“Our family dynamic has improved immensely since doing Jess’s course…


When I started Jess’s course there was a lot of anxiety and tension in our house. I felt like I was failing as a parent.

Our family dynamic has improved immensely since doing Jess’s course. I have a deeper understanding of my children and hubby (as well as myself) which has improved our health and overall happiness.
You should definitely do this program. Not only will it make your home more harmonious but also more healthy and happy.


I can’t think of any ways to improve on this course. I thought it was excellent how there were all the different speakers with valuable knowledge to share.”


“Have a happier, healthier mindset to help create a happy home…


I was worried about my son's behaviour and my reactions, and wanted to try a holistic approach to parenting to try and avoid medical intervention.Since doing Jess’s course I have more patience and understanding for my son's emotional meltdowns and I am able to identify what he is needing from me and what my own lifestyle priorities are for healthy balance, so now we are bouncing back quicker from upsets. My own cloudiness and lack of energy has shifted.


I recommend this program if you want to understand family members with new eyes, get peace of mind knowing there is a reason, and learn alot about yourself as a parent and your needs to have a happier healthier mindset to help create a happy home.”


The "Happy Home Program" has been a game-changer for me as a parent. I love the personalized approach and the focus on alternative approaches that align with my values. Thank you for all your support!


As a parent who is drawn to alternative approaches, I was skeptical at first about joining the "Happy Home Program." But I'm so glad I did! The program has introduced me to a range of new techniques and strategies that I would never have considered before. It's been a real eye-opener.


“In the moment I remembered your strategies and felt well-armed…


With your advice of getting curious I was able to have a 2 hour heart-felt conversation with my 13 year old daughter and this morning I just feel so connected to her. Usually I would retreat and give her space when she felt low but I did something different. In the past the pattern would be: I become very frustrated and come in with the rules. She then becomes defiant.

In the moment you just want them to do what you want. Thank you for sharing your strategies with me. In the moment I remembered them and I just felt well-armed.

I needed to set aside my taking it personally so I could see her clearly and kindly. You reminded me that there’s always a deeper motivation behind the behaviour which helped me get curious and to stay there with her longer than I would have. Usually it felt easier for me to retreat and for her to retreat. We ended up falling asleep together and I realised that this is what counts.”


“I now know where his needs are and have learned about myself and my family on a whole new level…


My son was refusing to get ready for anything (particularly in the morning) and constantly arguing over the small everyday routine things especially when the household was running late. The explosive emotions that would result from just trying to get out the door were exhausting.


From completing Jess’s program I gained a complete insight and understanding of why these challenges existed. So many things hit home with “lightbulb” moments.


I now know where his needs are and have learned about myself and my family on a whole new level.”


There haven't been any big meltdowns, I have more energy, I’m now exercising, making better food choices…


I’m so glad I found you. You’re amazing at what you do and you make things so simple for me to understand. Everything is finally starting to make sense. There haven't been any big meltdowns, I have more energy, I’m now exercising, and making better food choices.”



“I understand my children!


I started the program because my kids were fighting and I was struggling to understand my daughter who would shut down during times of big emotions.

There were so many ‘aha’ moments - I now understand my children! This has helped immensely in dealing with many situations and helps avoid conflict, including helping them through difficult situations by knowing what to say/do or when not to say/do anything!”



“We used to spend up to 36 hours in hell, but now that’s more like minutes…


I had previously undertaken a group program with Jess and while I found it really interesting to hear others experiences and it was comforting to realise I wasn’t alone, my child’s needs are so unique and specific that I wanted to explore them with Jess on my own.


I have learnt to see the challenges as learning experiences, opportunities to train my nervous system and learn to just accept the meltdowns will happen. I have learnt to see them as fear and a need not being met rather than a deliberate choice or an attempt to hurt me. I am slowly trying to learn to not take it as personal and the outbursts still happen but they are much reduced. We used to spend up to 36 hours in hell, but now that’s more like minutes.


Jess is one of the only practitioners that has made me understand my impact and role without blame or shame. I have opened up to her more than I ever would have imagined and because I made the decision to be 100% all in, I am now reaping the benefits.


“I can’t recommend it enough. It’s worth every cent…


Jess is amazing. She is knowledgeable, professional and relatable. She is open, honest and straight to the point, explaining her lessons in a clear, concise manner. She is completely non-judgemental and has a beautiful calming way of helping you learn and realise what you need to implement in your life to find your balance.


It teaches you about who you are as a person and as a parent. It teaches you about your children and how you can help them in their moments of stress and struggle. It’s a medication-free option in a world where diagnoses and tablets seem to be given out too often.


It teaches you the why’s around your/your child’s behaviour and what you can do to feel happier and healthier. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s worth every cent.”