Do you ever feel uncertain or overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting?

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As a Child Behaviour and Family Dynamics Specialist, I’ve put my best FREE resources below to help you on your parenting journey. Whether it’s meltdowns, anger, anxiety, or connecting with your teen, I’ve got you covered.

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And please remember, you’re probably doing better than you think!


6-Week Kids Yoga Therapy Program

6 body-focused tools that you can do with your children to help them feel less anxious and more confident.

Week 1 C.A.L.M Method: Download
Week 2 Body Awareness & Connection: Download
Week 3 Empowerment: Download
Week 4 Focus & Concentration: Download
Week 5 Focus using Balance: Download
Week 6 Breathing & Relaxation: Download

3 Reasons to Stop Talking During a Meltdown

Find out why your words might be making things worse during a meltdown.

5 Day Anxiety-Reducing Challenge

A 5-step process you can do with your child so they understand their anxiety and begin feeling safe again. 

6 Steps to Support Your Child During a Crisis

If your child is experiencing a tough time, this guide will help you ensure they are processing the emotions in a healthy way. 

6 Things to Know During a Crisis as a Parent

Get your family back on track with this guide and checklist. 

My Feel Good Plan

A template for your children to write down the activities that help to calm them during the tricky moments 


Demystifying Sibling Conflict

Find out why sibling conflict happens and what you can do about it. 

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