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Jessica is a child behaviour and family dynamic specialist with over 10 years of experience working in the fields of social work, psychology, biology, complex behaviours, child development, trauma, yoga therapy and neuroscience. 

Her passion for working with kids and families was born from experiencing trauma in her own childhood, giving her a unique perspective and understanding of the children she works with.

Throughout her time working with hundreds of families, Jess found that traditional parenting strategies were putting an extra burden on families, because often these strategies try to work with parts of the brain that children don’t even have access to yet.

Jess knew that the body and nervous system was the key to a new, more holistic way of parenting. That’s when she started teaching this brand new approach to parents and saw some amazing results.


Now Jess offers parents the opportunity to learn this groundbreaking new way of parenting with a range of online courses that change lives. Parents are reporting deeper connections with their kids and calmer, happier families and home lives.

Jess absolutely loves hearing from parents she works with that they’ve had the most beautiful connection moments with their child that were never there before. It’s her mission to create more calm, happy homes around the world.

Interview and Speaking Topics

How Science Or Biology Helps Us Understand Family Relationships

The Critical Nature Of Parent-Child Relationships That We Aren’t Taught

The 3 Step Process To Understanding And Supporting Children Outside Of The Medical System

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Calm Kids Kickstart

Support your kids through big emotions by learning the exact method that reduces meltdowns by up to 80% in just 4 weeks

Happy Home Program

Get the steps to create a happy home and feel confident by learning to parent the nervous system in this 8-week program

Happy Home Accelerator Program

Radically transform your family life and home environment in 12 weeks with 1-on-1 coaching and your very own family plan for success

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