About Me

My career began as a Social Worker working within Child Safety and Foster Care. During this time I witnessed the daily challenges associated with caring for children with various needs and abilities, and couldn’t help but notice the gap in the available services. I knew these children had the potential to thrive but were not being offered the right tools to help them. 

This frustrated me so much that I decided to quit my job and take off to Italy to work out a plan – lavish I know! 

Here’s what I’d like you to know – well into my adulthood I began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks which TERRIFIED me! I couldn’t help but wonder what had changed in me? What was wrong with me?

After spending far to long feeling like I was having a heart attack and being told medication was the only way I’d feel better, I decided to commit to daily yoga and meditation. These tools allowed me to become the master of my own mind.

This was the solution I’d been looking for in order to support children. I returned home to Australia, committed to bringing this approach to the children I wanted to help – thus, the Happy Home Movement was born. 

But it goes further than that and this is why…

Many people ask me – Why are you so passionate about working with parents without having any of your own?

I have felt the disconnect from my parents, I have been the child who watched her parents argue, I have been the child who experienced depressed and suicidal parents, I have known the instability an alcoholic parent creates, and I have been the child whose parents were stressed and overwhelmed most of the time.

I then became the young adult who had so many unexpressed emotions that I became an angry and confused woman. 

I felt so alone and depressed. 

and then…

Call it what you like; destiny, fate, the universal pull, God, my higher self – I was guided to question how my childhood had created everything I hated about myself and my life.

Specifically, how my childhood-relationship to my parents was impacting me now.

This quest has taken 10 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, many headaches, many tears, loads of fear AND it will never end.

Having come from a Social Work system that places too much blame and expectations on children, and personally knowing what it was like to have parents who were suffering, I knew that by working with the parents, a happier family unit could be achieved. 

I can now see what most can’t – how our mind, body and biology create our thoughts and behaviours, and how critical it is to understand them if we are to truly meet the needs of children.

I am now Australia’s first family-focused Epigenetic Behavioural Coach. My framework for success when working families is a combination of Epigenetics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Yoga Therapy. 

I see a world where we aren't limited by the rules that systems place on our human experience

Jessica McIlveen