The happiness of every child is found outside the labels they’re given

Find out your parenting style and it’s impact on the relationships with your children.



Hi, I’m Jessica McIlveen

A leading Child Behaviour & Family Dynamic Specialist.

I support parents to understand their children for who they are, rather than conform to a medical system and society that creates unrealistic rules and expectations of children, particularly those with behavioural challenges.

My groundbreaking and unconventional framework brings harmony back into the home without the stress of traditional approaches.

The time is now for parents to make a stand for their unique child in a world that wants them to conform. So many children are expected to survive in an adult world where they are not understood and it’s leading to the decline in mental health of our young people.

Services I'm Providing


Kids Yoga Therapy Program

A series of 6 videos with accompanying worksheets or scripts, each one an easy, practical step-by-step guide to a variety of yoga and meditation practices that you can do with your child.

**NDIS Approved**

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